European grant for research into music in late medieval court cultures

Prof. dr. Karl Kügle
Prof. Karl Kügle

Prof. Karl Kügle (Musicology) is one of three researchers of Utrecht University who have received a prestigious ERC Advanced Grant. Together with his team he will explore the role of music in late-medieval court cultures of the ‘long fourteenth century’ (1280-1450) on a European scale. The project will last for 5 years. The grant of up to 2.5 million euros is awarded by the European Research Council for groundbreaking projects that open new directions in their respective research fields or other domains.

Kügle's research will focus on music in relation to three central cultural dimensions:

  1. the other arts such as poetry, visual arts, and architecture;
  2. material culture from manuscripts to jewelry and dress;
  3. the performance of social ritual, from the liturgy to informal interactions among courtiers.

Prof. Hans Clevers (Molecular genetics) and Prof. Frank Holstege (Genomics) also receive an ERC Advanced Grant. Read more in Utrecht University's press release.

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