7 January 2019

European Equality Law Network at Utrecht University wins new European tender

European Equality Law Network

In December 2018, Utrecht University was awarded a new four-year tender by the European Commission for the coordination of the European Equality Law Network It counts among the biggest projects managed at Utrecht University School of Law.

The Network consists of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination who provide independent information and advice to the Commission on relevant developments in 36 European states. The primary task of the network is to gather reliable, expert information on legislation, case law and national developments to enable the Commission to fulfil their role as guardian of the treaties, respond to new challenges and set agenda for law- and policy-making in the field of gender equality and non-discrimination.

Utrecht University's role

The network is jointly managed by Utrecht University, Human European Consultancy, and Migration Policy Group on behalf of the European Commission. Utrecht University is responsible for the gender equality law stream of the Network’s activities. It is coordinated by:

With the involvement of senior experts Dr. Susanne Burri and Prof. Frans Pennings.


Examples of recent publications include thematic reports on:

Trans and intersex equality rights in Europe – a comparative analysis (2018)
Gender equality and the collaborative economy’ (2018)
Gender-balanced company boards in Europe (2018)

The Network also provides annual country-specific reports analyzing the implementation of EU gender equality and non-discrimination law, flash reports on the latest national developments in the field as well as annual comparative analyses of legal developments across Europe. All publications are open-access.