ESAO/TERMIS Winter School 2021

ESAO TERMIS Winter School

The Bionic Human: Biomaterials, (Bio)Artificial and Bioengineered Organs and Cybernetics for the Future of Regenerative Medicine


This year’s ESAO TERMIS school is centered on “The Bionic Human: Biomaterials, (Bio)Artificial and Bioengineered Organs, and Cybernetics for the Future of Regenerative Medicine”. It will cover, in a bottom-up approach, 1) the fundamentals in biomaterial science, stem cells and organoids that are making possible the creation and implantation of more complex structures like 2) (bio)artificial and bioengineered organs, and 3) cybernetic parts, enabling the future of regenerative medicine and the generation of Bionic Humans.

As usual, this will be a strong and diverse program with internationally acclaimed scientists. As keynote speakers, Dr. Anthony Atala from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, a pioneer in translational regenerative medicine, and Neil Harbisson, the first legal human cyborg, from the United Kingdom. will be present.

This is also the first Winter School co-organized by the European Society for Artificial Organs (ESAO) and the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS), bringing together the prowess and unique perspectives of these two organizations into one single program, providing a broad view of regenerative medicine and implantable medical parts/devices/organs. There will be also a special session organized by KIDNEW, the Kidney Health Initiative and The European Kidney Health Alliance that will go in-depth into the need of new kidney dialysis innovations and implantable (bio)artificial kidneys.

The meeting will also provide a nice platform for the presentation of the participants´ work during two online poster sessions. There will be 3 prizes for the best posters!


The Winter School will take place from February 24-26th 2021. Registration and abstract submission will end on January 31st 2021 with reduced fees for yESAO and ESAO, and TERMIS members at our website Registration with a higher fee will be available until the day before the event.
We invite you heartily to join our next ESAO/TERMIS Winter School 2021 and hope to see you soon in The Cloud!