8 November 2018

Erik Stam appointed as member of a national Committee on the Regulation of Labour

Erik Stam
Prof. dr. Erik Stam

The labour market is dealing with fundamental changes in the coming years, such as robotisation and working via online platforms, for example offering services as a driver or a cleaner. The government wants to think ahead and study the rules, laws and taxes connected to the new ways of working. For this reason a commission for the regulation of labour is established, the Commissie Regulering van werk and Erik Stam, professor of Strategy, Organisation and Entrepreneurship is appointed as one of its members. 

Stam is part of Utrecht University's Future of Work hub, in which researchers from different disciplines are studying the changing nature of work and the effects of innovation, digitalisation, and globalisation of work and its impact on people’s lives. Next to that, Erik Stam is head of the Utrecht University School of Economics. 

Exploring fundamental changes

Professors from all over the country and experts in areas such as employment law, economics and tax law have been appointed to the new commission. Minister Koolmees of Social Affairs and Employment says: "There is a lot of good on the Dutch labour market. Many people have work and we have a high labour productivity. This government also takes the necessary measures to preserve what is good. But in the long term, we may need more fundamental adjustments to be ready for the future. That is why I asked the commission to explore these changes, so that we can be ready in time."

The future of work, temping, freelancing, permanent contracts

The commission is exploring what work will look like in the future and how the government's policy can best match this. It investigates whether adjustments are needed in laws and regulations, and if so, where. For example, the committee is looking at the legal rules on employment contracts, but also at possible adjustments in the rules on permanent and temporary work, disability compensation, taxes and the self-employment.

The member of the Commissie Regulering van werk are (in Dutch):

  • drs. Hans Borstlap (voorzitter), voormalig lid van de Raad van State
  • mr. dr. Hanneke Bennaars, universitair docent arbeidsrecht aan de Universiteit Leiden
  • prof. mr. Femke Laagland, hoogleraar arbeidsrecht aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
  • dr. Frank Kalshoven, mede-oprichter en directeur van de Argumentenfabriek
  • prof. mr. Saskia Klosse, hoogleraar sociaal recht aan de Universiteit van Maastricht
  • mr. Ton Mertens, docent belastingrecht aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam en de Universiteit Leiden
  • prof. dr. Erik Stam, hoogleraar strategie, organisatie en ondernemerschap aan de Universiteit Utrecht
  • prof. dr. Evert Verhulp, hoogleraar arbeidsrecht aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • prof. dr. Bas ter Weel, directeur van SEO Economisch Onderzoek en hoogleraar economie aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • mr. dr. Johan Zwemmer, advocaat bij Stibbe en universitair docent arbeidsrecht bij de Universiteit van Amsterdam

The commission reports its advice no later than 1 November 2019.