2 May 2018

Erik Stam appointed as head of Utrecht University School of Economics

Erik Stam
Prof. dr. Erik Stam

Erik Stam, Professor of Strategy, Organization & Entrepreneurship, is appointed Head of the Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.), effective as of 1 September 2018.

Stam is Full Professor since 2011 and is currently acting Director of Research at the Utrecht University School of Economics. Next to this he is co-founder and Academic Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and founding board member of the Utrecht University Strategic Research Theme Institutions for Open Societies.

Creating new value

He wants to sharpen the profile further of all the economics education and research in Utrecht. "We are sitting on gold here and we have to show our potential much more to the outside world. Since the financial crisis, there has been a demand for a different view of the economy, which is already being used very well here in Utrecht. I am thinking, for example, of research into the influence of technology on the labour market, which includes Maarten Goos and Anna Salomons in Future of Work, and the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, which Niels Bosma co-founded." According to Stam, studying economics in Utrecht, is about much more than just gathering  economic and financial knowledge. It is also about how you make the economy better, create new value, and how to tackle societal problems with new economic knowledge.

We are sitting on gold here, and we have to show our potential much more to the outside world.
Erik Stam

Ideas for a strategy

"I myself have always been a researcher who involves colleagues from other disciplines. It appeals to me that Economy in Utrecht was founded from adjacent disciplines such as geography, law and history. I really enjoy this department. "Will not he miss the research work? "Ideally, I might not have taken this step to head of department until ten years later, if some of my current research projects have been completed. On the other hand, I have ideas about what opportunities there are for the department and then you should not be surprised that colleagues say: sounds good, go ahead and do it!"

Since the financial crisis there is a demand for a different view of the economy.

Stam has a PhD from Utrecht University and conducts research at the intersection of economics, geography and government policy. He is a world leading scholar in the field of entrepreneurship. Stam worked at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, the Max Planck Institute for Economics (Jena, Germany) and the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). He has also been affiliated with institutes such as Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Indiana University at Bloomington, Stockholm Institute of Industrial Economics, Leibniz Universität Hanover, Tel Aviv University, University of Turku and Zhejiang University (Hangzhou). In addition to his academic merit, he is a consultant for several governments and entrepreneurship organisations.

His appointment is the result of a search process and consultation by a nomination committee chaired by Professor Henk Kummeling: "Erik is an enthusiastic and committed researcher with a passion for multidisciplinary research and education, and I am confident that U.S.E. will continue to develop as a prominent department of Economics under his leadership."