12 December 2019

Swedish Economic Forum Report 2019

Entrepreneurship as a means to an end

Dr. Niels Bosma, associate professor at Utrecht University School of Economics and academic director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship, published a chapter about Entrepreneurship Education in the latest report of the Swedish Economic Forum. In this report, Bosma and five other authors, explore ways to teach and learn entrepreneurship.

Niels Bosma presenting at Swedish Economic Forum 2019
Niels Bosma presenting at Swedish Economic Forum 2019

Entrepreneurship Education for Societal Challenges

In his chapter, Bosma argues that in times of fast-changing technology developments, pressing societal challenges and increasing uncertainty about the future of work, there is an urgent need for societies to stimulate and foster entrepreneurial education.

To this end, a broad understanding of the concept of entrepreneurship is needed, in which the ‘act’ or behavioral aspect of entrepreneurship comes to the fore. Entrepreneurial behaviour relates to a process by which opportunities to create novel goods and services are discovered, evaluated and exploited - in an environment that is inherently uncertain. Increasingly, new knowledge creation will be steered towards solutions that work for society.

Critical role for universities

Although an encompassing view on entrepreneurial education is required, stretching from primary school to higher education, the role of universities is particularly critical. Universities connect new knowledge, talent and relevant actors and can thus take a leadership position in local entrepreneurial ecosystems. They also educate young talents, such as policy makers, regulators, bankers and educators, who will be future shapers of such ecosystems.

Hence, it is in the interest of local and national communities, including economic boards, to push universities to consistently ensure that entrepreneurial education can be accessed easily. Entrepreneurial behavior is, in principle, fit for everyone -  an eminent mechanism to connect the primary tasks of education, research and value creation for today’s society.

Swedish Economic Forum Report 2019

The yearly report by the Swedish Economic Forum is written in Swedish, except for the contributions of Prof. Dr. Saras D. Sarasvathy about Entrepreneurship and Education (chapter two) and Bosma (chapter five).