24 October 2017

Enlighten Your Research Award 2017 for Igbal Safarov

Igbal Safarov

Igbal Safarov (Utrecht University School of Governance) has been awarded the Enlighten Your Research Award 2017 of EaP (Eastern Partnership Connect) during the 2nd Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures Conference, EaPEC, in Minsk, Belarus.

Research project

He was granted the award for his research project ‘Open Government Data (OGD) adoption: A multi-level framework for data sharing and utilization in EaP countries’. The Enlighten Your Research project invites researchers from any discipline and their collaborators to submit proposals that highlight how access to internet and technologies could significantly improve their research process. The awarded research project by Igbal Safarov receives technical support, consultation, and partnership support in the targeted countries.

Towards a framework for an open data policy portfolio

The purpose of this research is to reveal the opportunities of OGD by the implementation of the open data concept in the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. This research will develop a framework for describing an open data policy portfolio that targets to establish and improve open data adoption and usage in EaP countries.

According to the international indexes (such as the Open Data Index and the Open Data Barometer), EaP countries significantly lag behind to the developed countries in terms of the implementation of open government data. Therefore, technology/innovation adoption foresight (open data in this case) would be an important mechanism to understand and support effective implementation of the open data concept.

EaP Connect

EaPConnect is funded by the European Commission and partner countries, and aims to integrate the national research and education networks and facilitate participation of local scientists, students and academics in global research collaborations