9 January 2018

Encrypting data with Boxcryptor

After some promising tests, we are developing Boxcryptor into an encryption service tailored for Utrecht University researchers.

Data security 

The requirements for data security are growing. We have been looking for a reliable solution for Utrecht University researchers to encrypt personal (privacy-sensitive) data.

Our requirements: 

  • Protection of data against unauthorised access while at the same time having full control of the data; 
  • Access to data via various platforms and devices; 
  • Easy to use and fast. 

Boxcryptor came out as a winner.


Our search ended when we came across Boxcryptor. After some promising tests, we have become very enthusiastic about the possibilities and user-friendliness. 
Menno Rasch

Stay tuned 

The tool is not available yet to Utrecht University researchers. To make sure the solution is safe and future-proof we are further developing the tool with the help from some  dedicated  Utrecht University researchers and datamanagers. We will let you know when the tool is fully operational.

Want to find out more about Boxcryptor? Take a look at www.boxcryptor.com to see what features the tool brings.  

If you want to help us develop Boxcryptor,  give tips or input in any other way, please contact us at info.rdm@uu.nl.