Emmy Krooshof '17 wins 2024 National Improv Comedy title with team 'De Interventie'

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Emmy Krooshof's '17 improv team 'De Interventie' won the National Improve Comedy Tournament (Nederlands Theatersporttoernooi, or NTT) 2024 national championship. The tournament consists of 36 teams from the Netherlands and Belgium competing for the title.

What sparked your interest in competing in improv comedy?

I started doing improv comedy at Theatersportgroep Parnassos (TSGP) in my first year at UCU. I fell in love with it immediately. Telling a whole story with a beginning and an end within five minutes without preparation was magical to me. I loved surprising my teammates, making each other laugh and doing things on stage I never thought I dared. It has been ten years since. Now I am part of 'De Interventie' (The Intervention), the improv team that I started with two of my friends six years ago. Together with them I have won the improv comedy student tournament (in 2018, Nederlands Studentenkampioenschap Theatersport) and now we have won the National Improv Comedy Tournament (Nederlands Theatersport Toernooi). 

What unexpected lessons have you learnt from doing improv comedy?

One of the most important rules of improv comedy is 'shine through failure'. If you make a mistake, own it and laugh about it. The whole mindset of just doing it and see where it ends up has helped me a lot, both in my professional career as in my personal life. 

How does your background in psychology and experience as a lecturer at UU intersect with your passion for improv comedy?

I see all my classes as a performance. I want to engage the students and treat them as an audience. Surprise them, keeping them interested, and most of all, teaching with energy, just like I act when I am on stage. I feel like my enthousiasm is contagious. Moreover, my experience in psychology has helped me to analyse a social encounter while interacting at the same time. This skill is very valuable in improv, I am able to play a dialogue while also thinking about where the scene should go from there. It's improv after all, nothing is rehearsed so you have to make it up on the spot.

Me and my team 'De Interventie' play a show in Utrecht the 7th of June. For more info people can follow us on Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/de_interventie/)

About Emmy

Emmy Krooshof is a lecturer of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Utrecht University. Follow Emmy's improive team 'De interventie' on Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/de_interventie/