‘Elderly Care and Upwards Solidarity’: Legal aspects of population ageing and care for the elderly

The book 'Elderly Care and Upwards Solidarity' will be published in July 2020. Prof. Elisabeth Alofs and Prof. Wendy Schrama are editors of this book, which deals with legal aspects of ageing and care for the elderly. The fundamental question is how policy and legislation can contribute to a sustainable approach to care for the elderly.

Experts from various countries in Europe raise urgent issues about care for the elderly. This theme requires both a public and private perspective on care and the welfare state. Both areas of law are dealt with extensively, including social security law and leave arrangements, protection of adults, maintenance law, consumer law, contract law and inheritance law. The book also includes a historical and demographic perspective on the elderly and care.

For more information, see https://intersentia.com/en/elderly-care-and-upwards-solidarity.html.