Eight NWO Open Competition ENW-XL projects with Utrecht Faculty of Science researchers

Of the 21 projects awarded in the ENW-XL Open Competition, eight are consortia in which Utrecht Faculty of Science researchers are taking part, one of which as principal investigator: cell biologist Prof. Anna Akhmanova is leading a project on the structure and dynamics of microtubules, the minuscule road system inside the cell.

Together, all 21 projects in the NWO Open Competition ENW-XL have been granted almost 60 million. The programme funds consortia for curiosity-driven, fundamental research in the research fields of the NWO domain ENW.

On Form and Growth: Understanding microtubule structure and dynamics at the nanoscale

PI: prof. Anna Akhmanova. The consortium also includes UU researchers Stuart Howes, Lukas Kapitein, Tzviya Zeev-Ben-Mordehai and researchers from TU Delft.

Microtubules are tiny cellular tubes, which form rails for transport inside cells, drive cell division and allow cells to move. Understanding microtubule organisation and function is important because microtubules are perturbed in different human diseases and can be targeted to treat cancer and inflammation. In this project, we will combine advanced light and electron microscopy techniques to better understand how the structure and dynamics of microtubules are related at the molecular scale and how this underlies their biological functions.

Other projects with participation of UU researchers: