Researchers ponder the consequences of quarantine for education and research

Editorial: ‘Pandemic: lessons for today and tomorrow?’

Arthur Bakker

A pandemic is currently grinding public life to a halt. Schools and universities are closed in many countries. Conferences are canceled or postponed. In an editorial in Educational Studies in Mathematics, Arthur Bakker (Utrecht University, photo) and David Wagner (University of New Brunswick) raise the question: What are the consequences for mathematics education and for research, now and in the future?

Informal email conversation with colleagues across the globe points to many challenges and concerns that relate to life and to education, the authors write. Most of the challenges are transdisciplinary, but some have unique characteristics for mathematics learning. There is research on learning at a distance through non-traditional media, but the authors expect the consequences of this pandemic to inspire more such research.

In the editorial, the authors summarize a few experiences that people have shared with them, hoping that proper study will help people formulate lessons for today and tomorrow.

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