25 January 2018

Economist Florian Sniekers wins prize for his PhD dissertation on search frictions

Florian Sniekers wint Joop Hartogprijs 2017
Photo: Ineke Oostveen

Florian Sniekers, assistant professor of macroeconomics at U.S.E. has won a prize for his dissertation "On the Functioning of Markets with Frictions".

Sniekers won the Joop Hartog Thesis Award 2017 at the same time with fellow economist Nadine Ketel. It is a prize for the best dissertation at the Amsterdam School of Economics defended in 2016 or 2017. It was the first time that the prize had two winners, the jury thought that both scientists were equallly deserving of the award. In addition to the trophy, Sniekers also won an amount of 1,250 euros.

Job hunting, house hunting

Sniekers' thesis analyzes the influence of decisions that people take when they move or change jobs. The number of unemployed, unfilled vacancies, or houses for sale can easily double in the course of a few years. And so it can take from a few days to more than two years to find a job or to sell a house. Search frictions give one explanation for the coexistence of unemployed and unfilled vacancies and for the rise of freelancers. Sniekers sees a role for institutions to improve the functioning of markets.

Floris Sniekers obtained his PhD cum laude at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in March 2017. His supervisors were Jan Tuinstra from the University of Amsterdam and Pieter Gautier from the VU University Amsterdam.

The members of the jury for this edition of the Joop Hartog Thesis Award were Massimo Giuliodori, Frank Kleibergen and Erik Plug.