EB update coronavirus March 16

Yesterday, 15 March, the government announced that the coronavirus measures will expire as of 23 March. In this mail you can read what this means for our university.

The fact that the measures have been lifted does not mean that corona is no longer present or that it cannot return. The number of infections is still high, which certainly has major implications for some people. The rule is still: stay at home if you have any complaints and take a self-test. However, the easing of corona restrictions gives cause for hope. We hope that everyone will have a good spring.

These developments, however, are being overshadowed by the suffering caused by the war in Ukraine. We see initiatives for refugees and there are gatherings to talk together about the emotions caused by the war and to share expertise and scientific knowledge. For scientific interpretation of the continuous flow of news from Ukraine, you can attend De Duiders, Studium Generale's free programme on 7 April in TivoliVredenburg (Dutch only).

Do you want to do something for our students and staff who have been affected by the war? Or do you want to exchange thoughts and ideas? Then take a look at our page War in Ukraine. Utrecht University provides emergency financial assistance to students in acute financial difficulties. There are also other initiatives to help students and staff, such as the crowdfunding project of the Utrecht University Fund. If you want to contribute to this, it is highly appreciated.

State of affairs

Working from home

Until recently, the rule was: work from home for half of your working hours. The government has now abandoned this advice. We are looking for a new balance that is good for individual employees as well as for the team: when do you work from home, when at the office? You can discuss this with your manager and your team. We are working towards an average ratio of 60% working at the university and 40% working from home. This is in line with the agreements made in the CAO NU. Of course this can vary, depending on local or individual circumstances. Read more on the intranet: As of 1 April, reimbursement for 60% commuting and 40% working from home (intranet, inlog required).

Opening hours buildings and catering locations

Most buildings and catering locations are open again according to the regular opening hours. Check the current opening hours of the buildings and catering locations.

Face masks

You no longer need to wear a face mask in university buildings. In public transport, too, a face mask will no longer be compulsory as of 23 March.


It is no longer necessary to do a self-test if you have no complaints. This means that the advice to test twice a week if you go to university and do not have any complaints has been dropped. The rule is still: stay at home if you have any complaints and do a self-test.

In isolation or quarantine?

Do you have a positive result from a self-test? Then get tested at the GGD. If their result is also positive, you will have to remain in isolation for five days. You may go outside again if you have not had any symptoms in the last 24 hours.

The quarantine rules haven't changed. When you’re not sure whether you should quarantine, do the government's quarantine check. You will also find the link in our coronacheck (pdf).


At large events with more than five hundred people, testing for access and showing a proof of testing is no longer necessary. The government does recommend that you keep the CoronaCheckApp on your phone. In other countries, you may still be asked for a QR code.

International travel

The rules for travelling from abroad to the Netherlands have also changed. You do not need to show proof of vaccination if you come from an EU or Schengen country.

Are you travelling abroad? In many countries, corona measures might still apply. You can check the rules of the country in question on the website Travelling Abroad (Dutch) in advance.