EB update coronavirus February 2

Next week, block 3 will start. We will resume teaching on location as much as possible. We are looking forward to this!

We are doing our best to be ready for the start of education. Given the large number of people who have corona or are in quarantine, it is sometimes difficult to maintain service levels. Also: students, teachers or other staff may be absent due to illness or quarantine. Therefore, we ask for your understanding if education is partly still online, if your colleague or teacher drops out, or if something is not (yet) in stock.

We are going to see each other more often, so it will be busier in the university buildings. Therefore, we urge you again: wear a face mask as soon as you enter a building. We expect that everyone will be doing so. When you are sitting and can keep a distance of 1.5 metres, you can take off your mask. Face masks are essential to keep education and our society open.

We have been working and studying from home for almost two years now and understand that the need to meet each other on location is growing. You are therefore welcome to come to the university from time to time in order to meet each other for a meeting, for example. Please do so in moderation and observe the measures

And we ask you again: show understanding for others and be considerate of each other.

Current state of affairs

Education and exams

From 7 February onwards, we will offer education on location again. The maximum number of people allowed per room is 75. Only during exams, according to government guidelines, more people may be present in a room. Where possible, we observe a distance of 1.5 metres and if that is not possible, you wear a mouth mask. In the examination rooms, seating is 1.5 metres apart. Students who cannot take an exam due to illness or quarantine will retain their exam opportunities.


The possibilities for events and meetings on location are still limited. The relaxation of rules for the events sector does not automatically apply to education. Take a look at the current rules for gatherings at the university.

Adjusted opening hours

The opening hours of buildings will be adjusted starting from block 3. This also offers more opportunities for study associations to organise small-scale meetings and education-related activities. You can find the current opening hours on the page Buildings.

Face masks

Wear a face mask in the buildings. You may only remove your face mask if you are seated and can keep a distance of 1.5 meters. We expect everyone to follow these rules.

Read more about face masks


Do a self-test when you come to the university, at least twice a week. That way we try to keep the number of infections at the university as low as possible. You can easily order free self-tests or collect them from a reception desk in a university building. Are you unsure if you can come to the university? Do the corona check.

In quarantine?

Have you been in contact with someone who has corona? And do you not know whether you should go into quarantine? Then check the government's quarantine check. You will also find the link in our corona check (pdf).

Overview of principles and rules

View the complete overview of the current principles and rules