EB update coronavirus 31 augustus

We are glad that we can welcome students to the campus more often again. At the same time, we are well aware that the pandemic is certainly not over and we remain cautious and alert. In order to use the space as safely and efficiently as possible, the following applies: those who have no role in (or support for) education and are able to work at home will still work at home as much as possible. However, in consultation with the manager, it will still be possible to meet colleagues on location for meetings from time to time.

Below, we once again list the measures for starting the new academic year safely and responsibly. One of these measures is to wear a face mask when moving around in our buildings. To ensure uniformity, from 1 September this applies to all UU staff and students, and in all buildings.

Our own medical and epidemiological experts indicate that the most important weapon against infection at the opening of higher education is that as many colleagues and students as possible are vaccinated. Patricia Bruijning informed us that, partly on the basis of continuously updated RIVM data, she estimates that a very large proportion of students now have immunity to the virus, either through vaccination or natural infection. Fortunately, the first surveys also indicate a high willingness and degree of vaccination. A survey of more than 15,000 students at Wageningen University shows that 87.6 per cent of the students questioned indicated that they had been fully vaccinated. At our own UCR, an anonymous survey was carried out among all staff and students (591 persons, 501 students, 90 staff). The response rate was 60%. Of this group, 85% had been fully vaccinated. 8% had already had their first shot and are on their way to being fully vaccinated. Only 1% indicated that they did not intend to be vaccinated.

That is hopeful. Starting next week, the GGD will offer a vaccination location on campus. Employees and students can go there for free and without an appointment. Before coming to campus, we also ask you to do the corona check and do a self-test twice a week.

Of course, this does not take away all worries, especially not for people who might not be able to get vaccinated. If you are worried because you have fragile health, we ask you to contact your manager. Together you can find the best solution.

If you have any other questions or comments, please send an e-mail to: coronavirus@uu.nl.

Can I come to the university? New corona check

Do the updated corona check on the website and see if you can go to university.


Do you have no corona symptoms? Then we ask you to test yourself twice a week before you go to university. You can order them for free. The tests are also available at the reception desks in our buildings. If you do have corona symptoms, you should of course get tested at the GGD.

Lectures: maximum of 75 students on location

Lecturers who give lectures can do so to a maximum of 75 students on location. It is possible for some of the students to attend the lecture remotely. Teachers can start a Teams-call with remote students during lectures on location. 44 seminar rooms have been set up for hybrid teaching in work groups.

Outside of classrooms: one and a half metre distance

Students are not required to keep a 1.5 metre distance in classrooms. At other places, everyone will keep a 1.5 metre distance wherever possible, for example in the corridors and outside. The walking routes in the buildings remain. Teachers are also free to make additional agreements with students. For example, agreements about keeping a distance between teacher and student, about keeping a distance in large(r) classrooms if possible, and about entering and leaving the classrooms. We advise lecturers to share these additional agreements with the course coordinator.

Wearing a face mask

In all UU buildings, the following applies: when moving around, wear a face mask. When you are seated, you can remove your face mask.

Forgotten your mask? You can also get face masks at the reception desk. You can also ask one of the crowd control employees if he or she has a mask or self test for you.

Read the instructions for the correct use of a face mask.


Until 20 September, a maximum group size of 75 people applies to assessments. Afterwards, this rule will be relaxed.

Vaccination location in the USP

There is no vaccination obligation, but we do advise you to get vaccinated. Starting September 6th, there will be a vaccination location of the GGD on the Genèvelaan in the Utrecht Science Park. You can go there without an appointment. More information about opening hours will follow via the website.

Ventilation and fresh air

We follow the guidelines of the RIVM when it comes to ventilation. Almost all the rooms in our buildings meet these guidelines. If a room does not meet the guidelines, that room is not in use. We also do not have recirculation of air in the form of air conditioning or fans. The installations that circulate air within a room are turned off. Where this is not possible due to operational reasons, custom arrangements have been made. For buildings with only natural ventilation, the windows and ventilation grilles are open. Read more about ventilation.

In order to be able to teach everyone on location, the teaching rooms are in heavy use. Although there is good ventilation everywhere, you can also ensure a fresh educational environment yourself. Tip: after a lecture, open the doors and windows as much as possible.

Cleaning and other measures

Educational rooms are cleaned daily. For staff and students, disinfectants are available in various places to clean your hands, table/desk and other materials. Read more on the website.

Employees and students with fragile health

Employees who are not yet able to come to work for health reasons, but whose work does require them, can find a suitable solution in consultation with their manager. In the case of teachers, the education or programme director will ultimately take a decision on this. Students should discuss with their study advisor if, due to their health, they are unable to attend classes on location (with compulsory attendance). A Q&A on education has been formulated for more information.

What do we do in the event of infections?

We do everything we can to prevent infections. However, should there be any, the GGD will carry out a source and contact investigation. The university is in close contact with the GGD and will assist in informing groups of students and employees if necessary. More information can be found here.

Further information