EB update coronavirus 13 January

Last night, the Cabinet announced that the lockdown will be extended until Tuesday 9 February. This means that the measures for higher education and universities that took effect in December will also be extended until Sunday 7 February and that nothing will change for us at the moment: in principle, we work and study at home, education and PhD ceremonies are online, tests and labsmay be conducted on location as an exeption. Below we briefly address some of the questions we have received.

Employer’s statement for emergency care in primary schools and childcare centres
Now that primary schools and childcare facilities are closed, colleagues with children of the relevant age are once again in a difficult position. For teachers, ICT-staff, veterinarians and animal care staff there is a possibility to obtain an employer's declaration, with which children can go to the emergency accommodation of the primary school or childcare centre.

For all employees who might be less productive during this period, there is real understanding for this. Please discuss this with your manager and see how you can organise your tasks and/or deadlines in such a way that they do not come at the expense of your family or yourself.

Student wellbeing
An evaluation of student wellbeing after block one shows that students appreciate the efforts of lecturers and the university, but that their wellbeing remains under pressure. Based on the results of the evaluation, we are taking action.

  • Through various channels, we will once again explicitly draw attention to which study places are available and where. It turns out that students are still having difficulty finding these, even though there is a great demand for them.
  • Extra capacity has also been created with the student psychologists to reduce waiting lists.
  • Study and student associations would like more space for on-site (meeting) activities. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown, we are unable to meet this demand at the moment. We are keeping a close eye on when more is possible and will make room for this as soon as possible.

How to proceed towards blocks 3 and 4?
It is currently unpredictable how the situation will develop in the coming period. At the same time, students and teaching staff need clarity about block 3 and 4: how much room is there for physical meetings, and how much has to be done entirely online? Unfortunately, such clarity cannot be given at this time. As soon as any measures are lifted by the government, we will inform you about the activities that can again take place on location.

In closing
It is not easy to start this new year in lockdown and in uncertainty about how long it will last. Like you, we are eagerly looking forward to better times. In the meantime, keep looking after yourselves and each other very closely. It is still necessary.

Executive Board