19 December 2019

StartupLeap launched

Dutch incubators collaborate on free online programme for tech startups

Eleven incubators and entrepreneurial networks in the Netherlands will work together under the name StartupLeap, offering a free, coach-supported online programme for starting tech entrepreneurs.

In addition to incubator UtrechtInc and the Utrecht University Centre for Entrepreneurship (UtrechtCE), TechLeap, The Next Women (Amsterdam), ECE (Rotterdam), Novel T (Enschede), SBIC (Noordwijk), Braventures (Noord-Brabant), DutchSE, StartupUtrecht and Inqubator (Leeuwarden) join the collaboration, as StartupLeap announced last Monday. This allows anyone, regardless of their financial situation, busy schedule or physical limitations, to start a business with the resources and network of these incubators and networks.

Support from renowned incubators and experienced startup coaches

Jorg Kop, managing director of UtrechtInc: “If you want to set up a tech company for the first time, a reputable incubator has enormous added value. However, this is not on every corner of the street. The free online program from StartupLeap offers lessons from the best speakers, it connects participants with other entrepreneurs and brings them into contact with experienced startup coaches and mentors." 

Rianne Poot, programme manager of UtrechtCE, adds: "StartupLeap gives students at Utrecht University even more opportunities to work on their own ideas next to their studies."

Sign up

The first edition of the online programme starts on February 10th 2020, and lasts ten weeks. Registration is possible until February 3th and participation is free.