11 November 2019

Download the digital edition of 'Experimental Governance'

On October 4th 2019, the Urban Futures Studio launched its new book ‘Experimental Governance. From the Possible, to the Doable, to the New Mainstream’. Now a digital editon of this publication is made available online, both in English and Dutch. You can find the digital editions left of this article or go to the Urban Futures Studio website.

Philosophy of Experimental Governance

Experimentation is hot. Whether they are called pilots, living labs or urban labs, we increasingly see experiments emerge on the local level, started by citizens, companies, knowledge institutes and government bodies, on topics as diverse as sustainable energy, health care and urban renewal. Yet, all this experimentation is still hardly systematic: countless experiments are started with an intention to work in new ways, but often without a clear idea on how experimentation works and how small experiments can lead to greater system effects. Because of this, many experiments remain short-lived practices with limited societal impact, even though they could potentially deliver a great contribution to the most complex issues of this time.

The book ‘Experimental Governance’, written by Urban Futures Studio researcher Suzanne Potjer, argues we can do this differently. Based on countless examples from the Netherlands and other places in the world, the book shows how we can systematically experiment and learn in the public domain. Core of the book is the philosophy of ‘experimental governance’, which states that experimentation and learning should take place on three levels: in experiments (local), between experiments (horizontal), and between experiments and the institutional world (vertical). The book offers a perspective for everyone who wants to bring experimentation in the public domain further.

Maarten Hajer and Suzanne Potjer present publication 'Experimental Governance' to Secretary General Maarten Schurink at 'Dag van de Stad 2019'
Prof. Maarten Hajer and Suzanne Potjer present their book to the Secretary General

Day of the City

On the 'Day of the City' in the Hague, Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, Maarten Schurink officially received a copy. During an 'executive lunch' at the same conference 150 city counsellors and provincial deputies also received a copy during. Others that are interested in a hardcopy can still apply for a limited edition via this form.