Dorita Hannah is Centre for the Humanities SPRING Festival Fellow 2017

Prof. Dorita Hannah
Prof. Dorita Hannah

The Centre for the Humanities is very happy to welcome Prof. Dorita Hannah as SPRING Festival Fellow. Hannah is Research Professor of Interdisciplinary Architecture, Art & Design at the University of Tasmania, Australia and Adjunct Professor of Stage & Space at Aalto University, Finland. She works across the spatial, visual and performing arts as a scholar and design practitioner. Specialising in theatre architecture, as well as the design of cultural venues and public space, she also creates dance-architecture events and performative installations as practice-led research.

SPRING City Symposium

At the SPRING City Symposium (May 19, 14.30-17.00) Design for Doing: Public Space & Performance Design, Prof. Hannah will introduce her theory and practice of performance design. This expanded notion of scenography adopts performance theory as a means of acknowledging and critiquing the proliferation of events played out in a mediated world. Prof. Hannah’s lecture will be followed by presentations by, and discussion with, Sodja Zupanc Lotker (artistic director of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space), Nicolette Gast (curator for Kunst in het Stationsgebied, Utrecht) and David Habets (RAAAF architecten).


May 19 and 22, Prof. Hannah will teach a masterclass for R/MA and PhD students about performance design as a perspective that moves beyond a focus on the self-staging and self-design of individuals within these environments, and towards a post-human approach that investigates and reflects on the ways in which environments set the stage for performances in the broadest sense, from the arts to politics to public space. More information.

Workshop Expanding Scenography

On May 20 (13-17h) there will be a Workshop on Expanding Scenography, organised in collaboration with Platform-Scenography. Scenography or performance design rapidly gains attention as a transdisciplinary practice and expertise with a huge expanding potential. Scenography is not only to be found in the theatre, but equally in our homes, in public spaces and shopping areas, in urban planning, advertising, or projects that seek to raise ecological awareness. The aim of the workshop is a collaborative exchange on expanding scenography, in relation to scenographic practices in the Netherlands. 

Centre for the Humanities SPRING Festival Fellowship

The Centre for the Humanities SPRING Festival Fellowship is generously sponsored by the Centre for the Humanities at Utrecht University. The fellowship-events are co-organised with SPRING Performing Arts Festival, Theatre Studies at Utrecht University, the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis (NICA) and Platform Scenography.