7 October 2016

Dorine van de Klashorst (Dare to be Grey) wins 'Jonge 100' jury prize

Dorine van de Klashorst (Dare To Be Grey) en jurylid Barry Paf. Foto: Margarita Zharova
Dorine van de Klashorst (Dare To Be Grey) and jury member Barry Paf. Foto: Margarita Zharova

Dorine is the leader of the group of 21 students who created the Dare to be Grey campaign to fight violent extremism. The students pitched the idea in Washington D.C. and won first prize. Jury member Barry Paf (radio DJ and dance4life ambassador): “This is an issue that is important around the world today, and it touches on everyone’s daily life”.

The 'Jonge 100 van 2016'

The Jonge 100 2016 are promising young Dutch people under the age of 25 who aim to make a difference. They have earned recognition through their unique successes, building the companies of the future at a young age, making the world better, entertaining us and thinking of solutions that no one has come up with yet. In doing so, they inspire hundreds of thousands of other people their age.

All of the nominees were divided into four categories: Champions, Creators, Idols and Pioneers. Dorine van de Klashorst won the jury prize for the category Pioneers.