Doctoral grant for teachers awarded to Hanneke Houwers and Mieke van Vemden

Two teachers start PhD programme at Utrecht University

Teachers Hanneke Houwers (HAN University of Applied Sciences) and Mieke van Vemden (Fontys Unversity of Applied Sciences ) both receive NWO's Doctoral Grant for Teachers. The funding allows them to start a five-year PhD programme at Utrecht University. A total of 24 teachers receive the opportunity to further develop themselves and to strengthen the link between universities and schools.

Projects and laureates

Do employees understand what it says? An empirical study on improving the understandability of employment contracts

Hanneke Houwers, HAN University of Applied Sciences

The employment contract contains the most important rights and obligations that apply to employees, but is often worded in complicated terms, so that the non-lawyer does not fully understand what it actually says. This can have unwanted consequences, such as wrongful dismissal during the probationary period or missing out on severance pay. It is therefore important to examine what makes the employment contract so complicated, whether there are methods to achieve greater comprehensibility, and to examine whether comprehensibility should be included as a standard in labor law so that a more comprehensible employment contract becomes an entitlement for all employees.

Decolonisation of the geography curriculum in secondary education in the Netherlands using the GeoCapabilities model

Mieke van Vemden, Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Young people are exposed to simplified, and fake news narratives, hindering their understanding of complex global challenges like inequality and climate change. Geography education is vital in equipping youth with knowledge. However, achieving objectivity and multiperspectivity is challenging, given the ongoing debate on subject-related perspectives and recently decolonization within the subject. To address this, teachers must become active curriculum makers. A GeoCapabilities approach presents theoretical concepts and practical resources for educators to become active curriculum makers. This research focusses on geography teachers in the Netherlands, emphasizing their potential contribution to decolonizing the curriculum through the application of a GeoCapabilities approach.