Discover the Real Voting Patterns of the House of Representatives offers a comprehensive platform to explore the true voting behavior of political parties in the Dutch House of Representatives. Featuring advanced search capabilities, concise summaries, extensive motion data since 2015, and tools to find similar motions, this website aims to bridge the gap between political promises and actual voting records.

During the last House of Representatives elections, Applied Data Science alumnus Coen Goedhart noticed a significant difference between the promises of parties and their actual voting behavior on motions. On the official website of the House of Representatives, it is difficult to find information about these motions. That’s why he created

What offers:

  • Advanced search options: search motions based on context, filter by submitter, voting behavior, and the outcome of the motion.
  • Summaries: short, accessible summaries for each motion created using language models.
  • Comprehensive motion data: all motions voted on since 2015, including easily readable texts and the actual voting behavior of parties.
  • Find similar motions: discover motions that are substantively similar to identify recurring themes and patterns.”