Dies Natalis 2021: Creating tomorrow together

On Friday 26 March 2021 Utrecht University celebrated its 385th Dies Natalis. This year's Dies Natalis was dedicated to the kick-off of the 77th lustrum.

Online Dies celebration

Online College Tour featuring Rutger Bregman and Beatrice de Graaf

One part of the Dies Natalis is the Online College Tour with Alumnus of the Year 2020: Rutger Bregman. Presenter Sofie van den Enk will be interviewing Rutger Bregman about his time in Utrecht and his ideas, ideals and sources of inspiration. Does he have any life lessons for students? How can they make a difference in shaping our common future? How does he view the role of science and academia?

Rutger Bregman will be joined by one of the lecturers who inspired him during his own student days, historian Prof. Beatrice de Graaf. What did he learn from her? What sort of role do Rutger and Beatrice see the university and University Medical Centre Utrecht playing in society, both today and in the future?

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