29 November 2018

Debunking Arguments in Ethics

In July Cambridge University Presspublished Debunking Arguments in Ethics, a book by Dr Hanno Sauer (Philosophy and Religious Studies).

This book offers the first book-length treatment of debunking arguments in ethics, developing an empirically informed and philosophically sophisticated account of genealogical arguments and their significance for the reliability of moral cognition. The book breaks new ground by introducing a series of novel distinctions into the current debate, which allows it to develop a framework for assessing the prospects of debunking or vindicating our moral intuitions. This book also challenges the justification of some of our moral judgments by showing that they are based on epistemically defective processes. The book is an original, cutting-edge contribution to the burgeoning field of empirically informed metaethics, and will interest philosophers, psychologists, and anyone interested in how - and whether - moral judgment works.

Hanno Sauer

Dr. Hanno Sauer
Dr. Hanno Sauer

Hanno Sauer is a philosopher, and also connected to Institutions for Open Societies- an interdisciplinary research area of Utrecht University focused on the development and expansion of healthy open societies everywhere.