27 November 2017

Data set publishing now possible with new Yoda module

Publishing data and making it clear and easy to find for other researchers are the most important new features in the new Research module of the Yoda data management system. As a result, working with data sets on an interdisciplinary basis has now become even simpler. Researchers of the strategic theme ‘Institutions for Open Societies’ (IOS) can now make use of these features. The module was inaugurated on 21 November with an IOS data set by Professor Vincent Buskens, the first to be published in this manner.

Archiving and quoting

The Research module has been developed in close collaboration with the I-lab project of the strategic theme IOS, which was started in 2015. Yoda is the underlying IT system for this online platform. Researchers can now easily meet existing and new data management requirements, such as archiving analysis data. Yoda’s new Research module enables IOS researchers to make their data quotable with a ‘DOI persistent identifier’, which is a kind of ISBN number for papers and publications.

As of January 2018, this will also be available to other Yoda users.

About Yoda

Yoda is a data management system for the reliable, long-term storage and archiving of large quantities of data during all phases of a research project.  If you would like to know more about Yoda or request a user account for your research centre, please contact RDM Support.

Yoda is a proprietary service and has been developed by the ITS department and the Research IT program. Yoda utilises the innovative open-source iRODS technology.