Daphina Misiedjan awarded the Agnites Vrolik Prize

mr. dr. Daphina Misiedjan wint de Agnites Vrolikprijs 2017

Mr. Dr Daphina Misiedjan, legal researcher for sustainable water management, has won the Agnites Vrolik Award on Thursday 22 February. This new prize from the Utrecht University Fund is awarded to a talented scientist who conducts research that contributes to answering current social issues. This is the first time that the university has awarded such a prize thanks to an inheritance.

Agnites Vrolikprijs
Daphina Misiedjan receives the Agnites Vrolik award from Steven Martina, alumnus and CEO of The Greenery

The Agnites Vrolikprijs was presented Thursday evening in the Academiegebouw in Utrecht. The jury chose the winner from seven entries. The research of Misiedjan 'Towards a sustainable human right to water. Supporting vulnerable people and protecting water resources, with Surinam as a case study, is about the importance of legal research into sustainable water management. The prize concerns a sum of € 25,000 and the Agnites Vrolikpenning. Misiedjan: "This prize primarily gives me a helping hand to continue my research and it supports me in my further development. I am very happy with that. "Daphina Misiedjan previously won the Black Achievement Award, an incentive prize for young talent.

Inheritances at Utrecht University

The Agnites Vrolikprijs has been realised thanks to an inheritance at the Utrecht University Fund of alumna dentistry mrs. Cobi de Bree (1920-2013). Increasingly, alumni, (former) employees and other parties involved, choose to include a scientific goal when drawing up their will. The fund recently received 250,000 euros from an estate for the Faculty of Science. Through donations to the Utrecht University Fund, new generations of students and researchers can further develop themselves, in turn making a valuable contribution to society.

Agnites Vrolik

Dr. Agnites Vrolik (1810-1894) studied mathematics and physics at Utrecht University, where he also graduated in 1836. From 1854 to 1858 he was Minister of Finance. He was the first chairman of the Utrecht University Fund when he was founded in 1886.


The winner of the Agnites Vrolikprijs 2017 was selected by the jury, consisting of:

  • Prof. dr. Naomi Ellemers, Utrecht University (president of the the jury)
  • Prof. dr. Marca Wauben, Utrecht University
  • Prof. dr. Barbara Oomen, board member of Utrecht University Fund
  • Mr. Jeroen de Haas, alumnus and CEO of Eneco
  • Mr. drs. Steven Martina, alumnus and CEO of The Greenery