16 June 2017

Crowdfunding campaign for archaeological research campaign in Greece

© iStockphoto.com/Mlenny
© iStockphoto.com/Mlenny

Since 2011 Dr Floris van den Eijnde (Ancient History and Classical Civilization ) of Utrecht University has been conducting archaeological research on the way silver mining impacted the turbulent rise of the Athenian polis, together with Gent University. In order to finalize this special project and make its results accessible to a broader audience, the researchers have started a crowdfunding campaign.

The Golden Age of Athens

The Athenian statesman Themistokles urged the Athenians to put their silver wealth to use by building a large fleet of triremes. This not only allowed Athens to emerge as Europe’s first metropolis, but also to develop its first democracy. Therefore the silver mines around Thorikos (near Athens) are a symbol for the Golden Age of Athens (ca. 500-400 v. Chr.).

Dr. Floris van den Eijnde
Dr Floris van den Eijnde

Cruciale periode in de westerse geschiedenis

The Thorikos Survey Project contributes to a better understanding of this tumultuous period in Athenian history, one that is often seen as crucial for Western political and cultural history. With your donation, the project’s team will be able to analyze and process the vast archaeological evidence, enabling a better understanding of the Athenian silver industry and its contribution to a crucial period in Western civilization. Donations can be made on the crowdfunding page. More information on the project can be found on the website, the facebook page or the weblog.