Conference - Developing intercultural competences in online and physical learning environments

Intercultural competences have become a core asset in our globalized world, with increased cross-border mobility and highly diverse working environments. To effectively engage, collaborate and relate with people from different cultures and backgrounds, we need intercultural skills, knowledge and attitudes. As a result, higher education programme curricula increasingly include training in intercultural competences, in order to prepare students for these diverse settings in their future professional career.

Two upcoming events explicitly address the way these competences can be effectively taught and developed.  

On Thursday December 2, 15:00-17:00 (CET) Dr. Darla K. Deardorff will deliver an online Train-the-Trainer workshop on UNESCO Story Circles, a methodology for developing intercultural competences in both formal and informal contexts. 

This workshop precedes the online international conference on Friday December 3 `Developing intercultural competences in online and physical learning environments'.

Both events take place in the scope of the Comenius Senior Fellow project ‘Encounters in the Field: a playful approach to the development of intercultural competences’, implemented at the Faculty of Geosciences.

Via the links below, you will find more information on the events and on how to register.

Pre-conference workshop December 2
Conference December 3