Complexity for Society: How can Complex Systems Science tackle Societal Challenges?

Complex Systems Science is be more than a playing field for interdiscipinary researchers. What can we contribute to solving urgent societal problems? 

From climate change to digitalisation, political agendas and newspapers are full of "complex" and interrelated problems which no single person can fully gasp. Complex systems science has a tradition of integrating knowledge from different fields, developing and exchanging methodology and studying interactions in evolving environments. Can we use our expertise to help solving pressing societal challenges, such as sustainable development or governing self-organising networks (internet, smart energy grids...)? 

In the next 2 months, the CCSS will host three discussion events focusing on the potential role of complex systems science in different societally relevant areas. Each event consists of a presentation by a leading expert, followed by a plenary discussion. The aim is to get a clearer picture of pressing issues, identify promising complexity-related approaches to these problems, and of course to exchange ideas with fellow complexity scientists. 


All interested researchers are welcome, but please register using the links above.