Comenius grant awarded to The New Utrecht School member Roos de Jonge

Miniaturen van een dokter naast een patiënt in een ziekenhuisbed. Foto: Annie Spratt, via Unsplash


Roos de Jonge, a member of The New Utrecht School, has recently been awarded the prestigious Comenius grant for the development of her innovative course Wicked Problems in Health Care: A Trans- and Interdisciplinary Approach. In recognition of her outstanding work and proposal, De Jonge has received the Comenius Teaching Fellow grant worth 50,000 euros, which she will use to further develop the course.

New perspectives

The awarding of the Comenius grant to Roos de Jonge acknowledges her passion for education and her commitment to improving medical education. This project will not only help students better prepare for the challenges of modern healthcare but also contribute to the development of new approaches and insights in the field of interdisciplinary education in the medical sector.

Addressing complex problems

The main objective of De Jonge’s project is to tackle complex issues in healthcare that cannot be solved from a single discipline. With the rapidly evolving healthcare sector and the increasing complexity of medical challenges, it is essential for future doctors to collaborate effectively, think in a multidisciplinary manner, and look beyond the boundaries of medicine.

The course designed by De Jonge will consist of an intensive ten week program, immersing students in the world of complex health problems. The course will focus on developing skills such as collaboration, creative thinking, and flexibility, always keeping the importance of the patient and society in mind.

Through the Comenius Teaching Fellow grant, De Jonge will have the opportunity to develop high-quality teaching materials and implement innovative learning methods. The aim is to challenge students to step out of their comfort zones and gain a broader understanding of the complexity of healthcare.

Pushing boundaries

The New Utrecht School takes pride in the success of De Jonge and looks forward to the implementation of the course Wicked Problems in Health Care: A Trans- and Interdisciplinary Approach. This project embodies the mission of The New Utrecht School to push boundaries and offer new perspectives in education and healthcare.