Collection Moll to be seen in programme "Jekels Jacht"

For the new programme Jekels Jacht, science journalist Diederik Jekel visited our Special Collections to view a part of the private collection of Utrecht professor Gerrit Moll (1785-1838).

Gerrit Moll was a versatile scientist, who unfortunately remained unknown to the general public. In the second episode of his programme, Diederik Jekel pays attention to Moll's experiment to determine the speed of sound. The Moll collection contains, among other items, original archive documents about this experiment.

Moll did a series of experiments in 1823 to measure the speed of sound by firing cannons from two hills. The observations and elaborations of these experiments have been preserved, and give a good idea of how Moll and his observers conducted the experiment. Indispensable information for those who want to reproduce these experiments. Diederik Jekel was a guest at our Special Collections to view the material.

People who want to take a look at this fascinating material themselves have to be patient, it is currently being digitized and can soon be admired online. However, the printed article that Moll wrote about the experiment of the speed of sound can already be viewed.

The episode of Jekels Jacht (in Dutch) on Gerrit Moll can be seen here.