Co-creation community 'Future Learning Spaces' - The Future of the Traditional Lecture

13 May 2022: 12.30 - 14:00
Location: Theatron, Educatorium Building

The return to on-campus education after the Covid pandemic has (re)ignited a debate on the value of traditional lectures in higher education. To what extent do students and teachers benefit from a large scale, linear arrangement of ideas before an audience in auditoria? Proponents and opponents of traditional lectures have been debating each other in national and international news media and the higher education specialized press.

In this meeting of the Co-creation community ‘Learning Spaces,’ we want to explore the continued relevance of the traditional lecture at our university. What values do students and teachers attach to traditional lectures on location, and how does this form of education relate to alternative ways of university teaching? How can we factor in insights from educational science, and remain mindful of academic tradition and the value of narratives?

Please join us for an open exchange on the future of the traditional lecture. With curiosity for all points of view on this, we wish to hold a respectful discussion from within the largest auditorium our university has.

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