17 December 2018

Collaboration agreement between IMC Weekend School Utrecht and Utrecht University

Children from underprivileged neighbourhoods become acquainted with the university

Fatima (left) and Safae (right) proudly presenting the signed collaboration agreement

Utrecht University and IMC Weekend School Utrecht signed a collaboration agreement on 17 December. They want to strengthen the collaboration with this agreement and also give curious youngsters the chance to become acquainted with Utrecht University, its staff and its education at a young age. Executive Board President Anton Pijpers signed the agreement on behalf on Utrecht University.

Diversity and local initiatives

IMC Weekend School Utrecht introduces children from underprivileged neighbourhoods to professionals and their various fields of expertise. These meetings make primary and secondary-school students more aware of their qualities, lets them know more about what interests them and makes them feel more connected to society. Utrecht University shares these values and is enthusiastic about strengthening the collaboration between both parties.

Current agreements

First of all, Utrecht University will co-organise classes for the IMC Weekend School. The university is currently already involved in the creation of content for the following subjects:

  • Social and Behavioural Sciences: A mini class on Social Media by Leoniek Wijngaards, Director of Education for Social and Behavioural Sciences.
  • Veterinary Medicine: A three-day subject, coordinated by a lecturer from the faculty. The classes are taught by students and lecturers.
  • Medicine: A subject organised in collaboration with the Diversity & Inclusion Project of University Medical Center Utrecht.

The classes are organised for students between the ages of 10 and 14 years. Besides organising classes, Utrecht University also provides rooms for the classes and of course for the festive graduation that is to take place in the just as festive Utrecht University Hall (Dutch name: Academiegebouw) after completing the Weekend School. The university also provides student vacancies for the Summerschool Junior.

IMC Weekend School Utrecht and Utrecht University have already been collaborating for a long time. In this agreement, the parties document their current and future collaboration agreements in order to be full partners to each other.