Child participation in family law: Online symposium and book launch

Cover boek International Handbook on Child participation in Family Law

On the 15th of October 2021, an online symposium and book launch was held for the International Handbook on Child Participation in Family Law (Intersentia, 2021). The event was organized by the Handbook’s co-editors: prof. Mariëlle Bruning (Leiden University), dr. Marilyn Freeman (ICFLPP and Westminster Law School), prof. Wendy Schrama (UCERF, UU) and prof. Nicola Taylor (University of Otago) and facilitated by Charlotte Mol (UCERF, UU).

The event commenced with a presentation by Prof. Wendy Schrama, also on behalf of the Handbook’s co-editors, on the results and future directions based on the Handbook in which she emphasized the need for a real say for children. Subsequently, a video message from Mrs. Ewa Kopacz (European Parliament Coordinator on Children’s Rights; Vice-President of the European Parliament) was played, titled: ‘Promoting and protecting the rights of the child in cross-border family law proceedings - a view from the European Parliament Coordinator on Children’s Rights’. The final speaker, Prof. Ann Skelton (UNESCO Chair in Education Law in Africa, University of Pretoria; Rotating Honorary Chair of Enforcement of Children’s Rights, Leiden University; and Member of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child) gave her reflections on the Handbook from the perspective of children’s rights and within the context of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Following the three speakers a discussion was held with 70+ participants from around the world.  

A recording has been made of the event, if you would like to receive a link to the recording please e-mail The handbook is published by Intersentia and can be ordered here.