5 January 2016

Centre for the Humanities publishes annual report

The Centre for the Humanities (CfH) has published its annual report 'The Update', which is now available online.

‘The Update’ 2015 provides an overview of CfH events and projects in the past year, situating them in a broader context of the main themes of CfH activities: the Academic and the Civic; the New Humanities; the Idea of the University and International activities and fellowships.

For CfH this year has been one of strong focus on impact and knowledge transfer within the main themes of the CfH, and special attention was placed on collaboration not only with academic partners, but also cultural and arts institutions, as well as strengthening the ties with the city of Utrecht. The report provides not only textual information, but is also rich with links to video material from last year’s events.

The main features of this year’s ‘The Update’ include:

  • Festival Fellowship with City2Cities and Eventalks with Utrecht Early Music Festival;
  • Publication of childrens’ book ‘Aan de andere Kant van vrede’;
  • Cutting-edge collaborative seminar series with BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, ‘Posthuman Glossary’;
  • Conclusions of the Mellon-funded ‘Religion, Secularism and Political Belonging’ project;
  • Overview of activities within the themes of Idea of the University, Green Humanities and International activities (including a report from the Annual ECHIC conference in March 2015);
  • ‘The Humanities in Europe’ interview series with the leading figures in the Humanities today;
  • Digital video archive of CfH lectures including many renown names, among which: Saskia Sassen, Bruno Latour, Judith Butler, and more;
  • List of publications, including Utrecht en de Joden walking guide.