Cathelijne Broers Alumnus of the Year 2017

Drs. Cathelijne Broers has been proclaimed Alumnus of the Year by Utrecht University. She received this title on March 26 2018 during the Dies Natalis, the 382nd anniversary of the university.

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Cathelijne Broers (Art History, 1994) is director of De Nieuwe Kerk and Hermitage Amsterdam. Through intensive collaborations with museums and collections from all over the world she succeeds in bringing ever-changing exhibitions to Amsterdam. For example, she ensured that in 2017 the Dutch Masters from St. Petersburg came to Amsterdam, so that these works can be seen in the Netherlands for the first time in 250 years.

Cathelijne uses cultural entrepreneurship to move people and defends the importance of culture in today's society. Her visibility, enthusiasm and knowledge are a source of inspiration for current students at Utrecht University.

Cathelijne Broers: “My studies and student days are characterized by a feeling of freedom. UU has given me the opportunity to learn, research and analyze. It has given me an open mind, something I still enjoy every day.”

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