15 December 2017


Catalysts for Change

The youth hold promise for the future. They are the most open to innovation and therefore are able to bring about significant changes. At the ‘Catalysts for Change’ symposium, we will be inspiring you to help youth develop and exploit their talents.

This concerns youth from all levels of society. We challenge you to reflect upon how you can support talented youth in their development. We will be looking at practice, policy and research, bringing together people from the field, researchers and policymakers in order to exchange as much related knowledge as possible.

We will also be showcasing inspirational examples. Thanks to her research involving twins, Meike Bartels, professor of happiness, knows what you need to do to become happier. Fashion activist Janice Deul explains how fashion can be used for an inclusive world. Academic talent Odilia Laceulle speaks about the resilience of youth.

When and where

1 February 2018, Boothzaal, Utrecht University

For who is it

Anyone interested in youth and developing and exploiting their talents. From sports to music to art to fashion. From education to organisations. Policymakers, researchers and people from the field are all more than welcome.


Organised by Youth Studies, Utrecht University.

Dynamics of Youth

Dynamics of Youth is one of Utrecht University's four strategic themes. Within Dynamics of Youth, researchers from different disciplines integrate their expertise to answer crucial questions for future generations. How can we help our children develop into balanced individuals, that are able to function successfully in a rapidly changing environment? As one of Utrecht University's four strategic themes, Dynamics of Youth combines excellent child research from all seven faculties.