18 May 2018

Carlo Giordano defended his PhD thesis on mitigation strategies in academic writing

Promotie Carlo Giordano

On 4 April 2018 Carlo Giordano defended his PhD thesis La mitigazione nella prosa scientifico-accademica italiana e nella prospettiva dell'insegnamento dell'italiano LS& (Mitigation in the Italian scientific literature and in the perspective of Italian FL teaching) at the Università Cattolica of Milan.

Linguistic approaches to academic writing

His research in pragmatics, textual linguistics and applied linguistics, analyses mitigation strategies in a corpus of 25 Italian research articles within the field of arts and humanities and helps understanding  these phenomena within their context of action, by combining different linguistic approaches such as genre analysis, speech act theory, politeness theory, relevance theory and stylistics.

Italian in Dutch L2 education

Specifically, this work tries to answer some questions regarding forms, functions and text domains of mitigation. Furthermore, this research explores three potential educational tracks that could profit from such a combined approach in teaching Italian as L2, with a particular interest for the Dutch teaching context.

On 23 May Professor Giovanni Gobber, Giordano's PhD supervisor, will give a guest lecture 'Plurilinguismo, Europa e identità'.

There will be drinks in the Cohenzaal at 17.30 organised by the Italian department. All TLC colleagues are invited to congratulate Giordano for his doctorate.