Call for seed money-proposals spring 2023

The Focus Area Migration and Societal Change at Utrecht University is launching a fifth call for proposals to be awarded seed money funding for new research initiatives. It is the main purpose of such seed money to stimulate and foster excellent research in the field of the focus area, and to establish new and/or strengthen existing interdisciplinary collaborations.

This call welcomes submissions from a broad range of disciplines and of various forms, such as 

  • Supporting the organization of workshops or symposia on topics directly related to the research focus area Migration and Societal Change. Events (co-)funded by the focus area should be open for the wider academic community at UU, and if possible, for graduate students. 
  • Collaboration with stakeholders in society, for instance in the form of workshops or public events like podium discussions etc. 
  • Releasing permanent and/or temporary staff members (e.g. teaching replacement) to create time for preparing research proposals.

This list is not meant to be exclusive; for questions about the eligibility of other initiatives please approach the contact person. Proposals will be evaluated and the decision about funding will be taken by a group of scholars from different disciplines who are involved in the focus area. Criteria for the evaluation of proposals are: 

  • Thematic match with the focus area Migration and Societal Change; 
  • An interdisciplinary approach, or plans to connect with other initiatives at Utrecht University; 
  • High academic quality; 
  • Social relevance/impact; direct collaboration with stakeholders in society (if applicable); 
  • Potential to acquire external funding (if applicable)
  • First-time applicants have priority in our selection procedure
  • Each applicant is only allowed to contribute to one submission (multiple submissions per person are not allowed). 

The maximum amount of seed money per project is 8.000 Euro. The total available budget for this round is max. 40.000 Euro. 

How to apply? Please submit your application for seed money by filling out the application form up to and including Friday, March 31, 2023. Decisions about funding will be taken as soon as possible, but no later than April 14, 2023. 

Recipients of seed money are expected to briefly report about their project after completion in written form. For more information, please contact Marcel Lubbers: