Call for Proposals Special Interest Groups

The research focus area Migration and Societal Change wants to establish Special Interest Groups (SIGs) related to clearly defined subthemes within the field of research on migration and societal change.

SIGs are interdisciplinary groups of three or more researchers from at least two different faculties, departments, or institutes at Utrecht University. SIGs serve as a lab and proving ground that allow members to foster mid- and long-term collaborations and to organize joint research activities like colloquia, workshops, preparing collaborative research grants, and so forth.

To facilitate such collaborations, SIGs receive funding of 2.500 Euro p.a. in 2022 and 2023. Funding can be used for a wide range of collaborative research activities including, for instance, workshops (renting venues, catering, travel and accommodation), activities with guest researchers and partners in society, developing research proposals, and more.

Each SIG has one or two coordinators who serve as contact person to the Board of the focus area. Although SIGs form relatively stable collaborations, they should be open for new members to participate in the group. Participation of partners in society is encouraged, but not required.

SIGs are expected to report on their activities on the website of the focus area Migration and Societal Change regularly, at least once a year, for example in the form of Blogposts, short videos, and podcasts. Criteria that will be used for evaluating and, if necessary, ranking applications include connection to the focus area Migration and Societal Change, demonstrated commitment of SIG-coordinator(s) and members, interdisciplinarity of the team and planned activities, involvement of partners in society (if applicable).

How to apply? Please submit your application for a Special Interest Group by filling out the application form up to and including Thursday, March 10, 2022. Decisions will be taken as soon as possible.

For questions, please contact Christoph Baumgartner: