1 November 2018

Call for proposals for innovation in research ‘seed money’

Utrecht University’s fund for innovation in research calls for proposals until 1 December 2018. The research fund supplies seed capital for researchers with good, innovative ideas in the field of IT and research. The selected researcher will be given a modest sum to implement their idea in a pilot. These pilots may entail risks; a chance of failure is considered acceptable.

The Advisory Council of the Research IT innovation programme will select the best proposals. This Council is made up of professors from each of the faculties.

Better, easier, faster

Professor Raimond Snellings, chair of the Advisory Council, is quite curious about the proposals that will be submitted. 'The project must be based on an underlying scientific research question that can be answered more easily, quicker or more effectively with the help of an innovative IT application,' Snellings explains. 'It may itself be an innovation in the field of IT or may entail the application of an existing innovation in a new setting.'  Technology is expanding the boundaries of scientific possibility, and Utrecht University intends to lead the charge.


Last year six innovative research proposals have been awarded financial support from this fund made available through the Research IT programme, a five-year innovation programme of Utrecht University.

“Thanks to the contribution of the innovation fund, we have taken a big step to automate the process of systematic review,” says one of last year winners Rens van de Schoot, associate professor Methodology & Statistics. “ In the project we have learned that with help of machine learning we can build an application that helps researchers to quickly process large quantities of literature. In 2019 we will definitely continue with this project, by seeing if we can really use this application in the research process. “

An overview of all winning proposals can be viewed on the innovation fund's webpage. 

More information

Go here to find out how to submit your proposal, and which criteria it must meet.