Call for Papers: International Conference on Alternative Finance Research 2023

Overview of then location for the ECAF conference 2023

Please consider submitting your research for presentation at the upcoming International Conference on Alternative Finance Research. This will take place at Sopot-Gdansk, Poland from 1-2 June 2023. The deadline for submission is 1 March 2023.

The International Conference for Alternative Finance Research is a dedicated forum for alternative finance researchers and practitioners from all around the globe. It covers themes addressing crowdfunding, digital fundraising and lending, microfinance and prosocial lending, invoice trading, crypto assets and currencies, etc.

Overall, the conference serves as a cross-disciplinary meeting place for scholars of information systems, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, and marketing researchers under one roof to exchange ideas and help develop the field both theoretically and practically, while engaging in close dialog with industry stakeholders and policy makers.

More information

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Organised by the UiA Crowdfunding Research Center at the University of Agder School of Business and Law in collaboration with Utrecht University European Center for Alternative Finance and the University of Gdansk Faculty of Economics (the host institutions).