27 February 2019

Call for contributions: the Gender and Diversity Hub’s Lunch Conversations

The Gender and Diversity Hub is setting up a series of monthly lunch conversations around issues of gender equality and diversity. The aim is to provide researchers at UU with an interdisciplinary platform to learn from each other, exchange, share and test ideas together and gain insights into other disciplines’ research themes and methods. The lunch conversations will also be an opportunity for the Hub’s research community to get together, meet and network. The Hub would like to make these conversations as participative as possible and therefore invites all interested researchers with expertise and/or an interest in diversity and gender equality issues to contribute, as a speaker or a discussant.


We are interested in hearing about your research on gender and diversity issues! The Hub’s creation was prompted by various fundamental questions such as: Why is progress in gender equality and diversity so slow? What works and what does not in terms of law- and policy- making? Why do measures and institutions in place not work? What is/should be the role of institutions in this context? How to measure effectiveness? How to bridge the gap between theory and practice? What approach to adopt to address capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy and other structures of discrimination? Intersectionality, quotas, stereotyping, exclusion, identity, discrimination... these keywords bring about many more questions that could be posed during the Hub’s lunchtime conversations. We are interested in hearing about your interests, research questions and topics, experiences and results!


Anyone is welcome to attend! Please come, grab a free lunch, make yourself at ease and enjoy the conversation.

If you are interested in participating, please reach out to genderanddiversityhub@uu.nl, indicating your availability, whether you would like to contribute as a speaker or a discussant, and what topic(s) would be of interest to you.


To get things started, we have already scheduled a first introductory session on 26 March 2019 with the title ‘Speaking gender and diversity across the disciplines: how not to get lost in translation?’.

Our following conversations are planned on:

  • 26 April 2019: (12:00-13:30 location to be announced)
  • 23 May 2019 (12:00-13:30 location to be announced)
  • 20 June 2019 (12:00-13:30 location to be announced)

Future topics are open for contributions, we welcome your suggestions. Please reach out and make your voice heard! Topics could include, for instance:

• Revisiting quotas: macro vs. micro perspectives?

While quotas have been one of the instruments of positive action vis a vis disadvantaged groups, their use is still controversial. We would like to invite researchers to discuss the added value and downsides linked to gender and diversity quotas seen from the macro and the micro perspective. At the macro-level, quotas can appear as a means of structural and transformative redress for deeply entrenched inequalities. From a micro perspective, though, the experiences of the beneficiaries of these quotas are largely ignored and their long-term structural effectiveness is less known. Facilitating an interdisciplinary conversation on this subject would shed some light on questions of effectiveness of remedies against inequalities.

• Intersectional erasures: how is intersectionality made (in)visible?

With this topic we would like to dive into the core topic of the Hub, i.e. the intersections between gender and diversity. The aim of this conversation would be to invite researchers to think about intersectional erasures in different fields, for instance the invisibility of intersectional groups in cultural representations, the invisibility of their experiences in inclusion/diversity policies at work, the invisibility of intersectional discrimination to legal redress, etc.

Lunch and registration

To have a lunch ready for you, please do not forget to register. If you cannot make it anymore, please do not forget to cancel your attendance well in advance.

About the Gender and Diversity Hub

The main aim of the Gender and Diversity Hub is to serve as a platform for stakeholders to (1) access the multidisciplinary expertise of UU scholars in gender, diversity and processes of in- and exclusion, and (2) to join forces with societal partners in solving complex gender and diversity issues and develop strategies for the implementation of diversity in order to achieve societal inclusion and change. The Hub is chaired by Rosemarie Buikema (Humanities), Belle Derks (Social Sciences) and Linda Senden (Law) and coordinated by Francesca Manzi (Social Sciences), Rosa Wevers (Humanities) and Raphaële Xenidis (Law).