Call for Contributions - Conference 'Developing intercultural competences in online and physical learning environments’

Intercultural competences have become a core asset in our globalized world, with increased cross-border mobility and highly diverse working environments. Higher education programmes increasingly include in their curricula training in intercultural competences, in order to prepare students for these diverse settings. On Friday December 3, we are organising an international, online conference on 'Developing intercultural competences in online and physical learning environments'. The aim of this conference is to bring together educators, practitioners and researchers to exchange and share knowledge of and recent insights into the development of intercultural competences of students in higher education programmes, in general or specifically for doing research, and especially in these times of limited travel opportunities.

This international conference will take place in the scope of the Comenius Senior Fellow project ‘Encounters in the Field: a playful approach to the development of intercultural competences’. The aim of the project is to develop the intercultural competences of MSc students who are doing fieldwork in the global South. It is funded by the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO/NWO).

Please find the Call for Contributions attached (pdf, 0,2 MB).

The deadline for abstracts is Friday July 23 2021.

The organising committee,
Ajay Bailey, Gemma Corbalan, Maggi Leung, Gery Nijenhuis, Veronique Schutjens