10 September 2018

Book Presence in a Digital Age

Prof. Kiene Brillenburg Wurth (Literatuurwetenschap), dr Karí Driscoll (Literatuurwetenschap) and dr Jessica Pressman (San Diego State University) edited the volume Book Presence in a Digital Age, which was published with Bloomsbury last July.

This volume is a platform for researchers, authors, and artists, in which the changing concept of the book is in focus against the backdrop of digitization. With contributions by writer Mark Danielewski, conceptual artist Simon Morris, book artists Doug Beube and Brian Dettmer, and researchers Garrett Stewart, John Hamilton, Lisa Gitelman, Hannes Bajohr, Anna Poletti, Liedeke Plate, Yra van Dijk, Inge van de Ven and Ernst van Alphen the volume investigates how the book has changed as a poetic and narrative medium: what the book ‘does’ now that it is no longer our most important information medium.

This publication was realized with support from NWO, as part of the research project 'Back to the Book'.