Book: Algorithms and fundamental rights

Max Vetzo (Legal Research Master student) and Montaigne researchers Janneke Gerards and Remco Nehmelman have just published their new book on algorithms and fundamental rights (Algoritmes en grondrechten, Boom publishing 2018 (in Dutch).

A pdf version of the book is available. (in Dutch)

The book is the result of a research project commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior. The authors have analysed the consequences for fundamental rights of upcoming, new, algorithm-driven technologies such as the Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. They have paid particular attention to privacy rights, personal autonomy and human dignity; freedom of expression and freedom to receive information; procedural rights; and equality and non-discrimination. The book thus offers a state-of-the-art, systematic review of the fundamental rights issues related to algorithm-driven forms of decision-making. The book was presented at an intensive, large-scale workshop for policy-makers organised by the Ministry of the Interior in March 2018; in Autumn 2018, further follow-up will be given to this in another series of workshops on public values and new technologies.