10 September 2018

For innovative research with a global impact

Bert Leufkens honoured with the Distinguished Science Award

In recognition of his exceptional contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical sciences, Utrecht University Prof. Bert Leufkens has been presented with the Distinguished Science Award by the International Pharmaceutical Federation. Leufkens received the award for his innovative scientific research at the junction of innovation, pharmaceutical policy, and regulation.

“Through his research, he has had a global impact on the quality of medication use and patient interests”, according to Chairperson of the FIP Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prof. Tatsuro Irimura. Leufkens was presented with the award during the annual conference of the FIP, which was held this year in Glasgow.

Molecular foundation crucial

As a scientist, Leufkens has always focused on the social context of innovation, regulation, and the proper use of medications. “Pharmaceutical science = molecules + context”, he explains, “.... the molecular foundation is crucial for innovative insights into disease and therapy, and whether or not the patient actually benefits depends on building ties to society and health care systems.”