Avin Ghedri wins ECHO Award 2018

Student receives recognition for inclusive thinking in the medical sector

On Thursday 20 September, Avin Ghedri received the ECHO Award for scientific education from Minister of Education, Science and Culture Ingrid van Engelshoven. Avin wins the award for her ability to turn deep-seated anger into something positive, in which she combines personal vulnerability with the courage to address difficult topics.

Prijswinnaar Avin Ghedri (midden) poseert met Berent Prakken, Annetje Ottow, Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven en Gönül Dilaver
Award winner Avin Ghedri (in the middle) posing with Berent Prakken, Annetje Ottow, Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven and Gönül Dilaver.

Inclusive thinking in the medical sector

Avin Ghedri receives the award for her activities in the degree programme of Medicine and UMC Utrecht, which build bridges between groups of Western and non-Western backgrounds. Her efforts vary from successful blogs and education on secondary schools, to the organising of meetings within the Faculty of Medicine. Programme Coordinator of Biomedical Sciences Gönül Dilaver and Education Director of the Faculty of Medicine / UMC Utrecht Berent Prakken have nominated Avin for the ECHO Award.

According to the jury report, the jury was “impressed by Avin’s ability to turn deep-seated anger into something positive. She is capable of detecting problems, making them discussable in a constructive way and then take concrete steps. One big strength that Avin shows in this is the combination of vulnerability, in which she dares to share her own insecurities and dilemmas, and the courage to raise difficult topics. The jury also appreciated Avin's double approach regarding diversity and inclusion issues, in which she takes action towards patients and medical professionals to contribute to inclusive thinking in the medical sector.”

Avin wins a fully taken care of summer course at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in the United States. Utrecht University is very proud of this very socially involved student and is happy to congratulate her on her ECHO Award.

Expertise centre for diversity policy​

ECHO is a national expertise centre for diversity policy in higher education. Every year, the centre presents three awards to students with non-Western backgrounds who have made exceptional efforts for diversity and inclusion in society. The ECHO Award aims to generate positive attention for individual successes by students from the multi-cultural society. Students who qualify for an ECHO Award are successful students with non-Western backgrounds who distinguish themselves with their above-average academic achievements, boundary-pushing attitudes, bridging qualities, active social involvement and leadership. Other Utrecht-based nominees of this year were the students Moska Hellamand and Antoni Barshini for the Bèta Techniek Award en de Loyens & Loeff Law & Tax Award, respectively.