27 November 2017

Arnout van de Rijt wins Boudon Award for Early Career Achievement

Prof. dr. Arnout van de Rijt

2017 Raymond Boudon Award Winner is Arnout van de Rijt, professor of Sociology, Utrecht University and designated chair of strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies. The award is for his influential work in various areas within sociology including social networks, collective action, mathematical sociology, and computational and experimental methods.

Much of his research revolves around the phenomenon of “cumulative advantage”: One success leads to the next. As a result, small, arbitrary differences between people, products or ideas can with time grow into large inequalities based entirely on thin air. His work is published in top sociology journals including  American Journal of Sociology and American Sociological Review. Van de Rijt will give the Boudon lecture at the 18th regular meeting of the EAS in 2018 (19-20 Oct), in acceptance of the award.

About the award

The Raymond Boudon Award for Early Career Achievement, named after one of the staunch supporters of the EAS, Raymond Boudon, has been established to promote rigorous standards in Sociology and to recognize scholars under age 40 or within ten years after defending their dissertation.